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Sending Messages

Selecting Recipients

To select your message recipients use the "choose method" option in the "To" section to select individual contacts or groups of contacts from your address book. If you prefer, use the default method "custom" where you can simply type the number(s) into the recipient field within the "To" section. For multiple recipients or group, the number of recipients you have selected will show in the preview screen after you submit.

The Message

Type your message in the space provided. The counter below the message field will count the characters as you type. You can input up to 160 characters. Please note that some characters may extend the length of a message. These include | } { [ ] \ ~ ^

Custom/Merge Fields

Messages can be customised according to the data fields you have uploaded with each contact. The standard data fields appear as buttons on the right of the message box.

These are:
First Name (#FNAME#)
Surname (#SNAME#)

By clicking the buttons the data field codes will be inserted into your message. Message recipients will see the actual data drawn out of your address book.

For example: Hi #FNAME#, hope you are enjoying the cricket.
Becomes: Hi Joe, hope you are enjoying the cricket.


Advanced Sending Features

Scheduled messages can be sent at a later stage. Day, month, year, hours and minutes can be set. The time is calculated from the moment one presses the "Send" button.